This Stallion is Proving Himself!
This article was the cover story of the Southern Horseman Magazine, Dec. 1994
This Recipe for Success is Now "Kitchen Tested and Approved"
Rett Myers on Zips Chocolate Chip Four years ago, when we last featured Zips Chocolate Chip on the pages of this magazine, we told you that his owners, Phil and Ann Myers of Ashland, Ohio, were counting on their then 6 year-old striking bay stallion to provide "the not-so-secret ingredient in an unbeatable recipe for top pleasure horses." The play on words seemed appropriate not only because of "Chip's" obvious attributes but also because Ann had started the very popular tradition of baking and handing out chocolate chip cookies wherever she went.

Even back then, we felt pretty safe in making such a definite analogy because there was already plenty of evidence that Zips Chocolate Chip was destined to become something truly special. Under the guidance of Cleve Wells, this outstanding 15.1 hand son of Zippo Pine Bar and Fancy Blue Chip had already recorded a stellar futurity career as a two and three year-old, and had handily won the title of 1989 AQHA World Champion Junior Pleasure Horse as a four year-old, placing first under all 5 judges. In addition, at the beginning of 1991, the stallion seemed poised on the brink of proving himself as a exceptional sire. At the time, with his oldest colt crop just turning two and yet to enter their first pleasures classes, a string of accolades were already beginning to come his way in the form of his weanlings and yearlings. They were clearly distinguishing themselves in some of the country's toughest halter and longe line competitions.

That was then, but, what about now? Has Zips Chocolate Chip lived up to our bold prediction? The answer is a definite "Yes!" In fact, if we wanted to make a statement about his current accomplishments as a sire in terms of our original analogy, then it would have to be, "This is one award-winning recipe that's definitely been kitchen-tested and approved".

As of this past October, get by Zips Chocolate Chip had already accumulated a whopping 235 halter points and 2,982.5 performance points. Among them were 91 ROMs. 3 Superiors in Halter and 13 Superiors in Performance. Their major western pleasure titles included multiple APHA and ApHC World Championships, multiple ApHC National Championships, multiple AQHA and AJQHA Reserve World Championships, and multiple All American Quarter Horse Congress Championships and Reserve Championships. One Zips Chocolate Chip offspring was named the AQHA High Point Youth Halter Mare in 1993. Another carried the 1993 Justin Rookie of the year (50 & Over) to victory.

Last year, the consistent show successes of his Quarter Horse get alone elevated Zips Chocolate Chip to a tenth place ranking in the 1993 AQHA Incentive fund Top Ten category of " Sire's foal Earning" with 31, 837.12 in payout monies. This year the stallion's get have made such a impressive showing, he has been consistently ranked third on the 1994 AQHA Leading Sires List for Performance Horses.

His offspring also contributed substantially to Myers achieving national recognition as breeders last year. In the 1993 AQHA Incentive Fund Top Ten rankings, they were third in "Breeder's Foal Earnings" with $20,974.66, second in "Foal Nominator Earnings" with $2,165.95 and tenth in Sire's Nominator Earnings" with $3,183.69 They also finished third on AQHA's list of Leading Breeders of 1993 Performance Point Earners, Most Performance Points, with a total of 324.5.

The Myers achieved that last honor with only 15 horses that they raised on their farm; and, considering the size of their operation, this accomplishment is really remarkable. More often that not, breeders who rise to national rankings have extensive horse operations with large broodmare bands and hundreds of foals to choose from. This is certainly not the case with Myers Horse Farms Ltd. Phil and Ann maintain only an 8-stall barn and average raising only six or seven foals a year.

They do not stand Zips Chocolate Chip; he stands in Texas. Therefore, that they could do so much with such a limited number of prospects says a great deal about the quality of their program.

"I was so flattered to make both the Incentive Fund and Leading Breeders lists last year," comments Ann. "It's something every good breeder strives for. And, when a sizeable number of the horses that made it possible are by your own stallion, it's an even greater thrill."

"Needless to say, we were just as excited that Chip made the Incentives Fund list in his own right," she continues. "He was only eight at the time, and a lot of good stallions don't make it that soon. Considering the sizable percentage of his colt crops that are still to young to come into their own in the performance ring, we can hardly wait to see what the future will bring!"

From all indications, that future will be all they could possibly hope for. So far, the quality of Zips Chocolate Chip's get has been exceptionally high; and he has repeatedly proved his ability to pass on the key combination of traits - good looks, natural way of going and mild-mannered disposition - that made him such a standout in the ring. Anyway you look at it, that's a pretty solid foundation for success.

Since the beginning of his breeding career, Zips Chocolate Chip has stood at Bob Perry Quarter Quarter Horses, Inc. Valley View, Texas; and he will continue to stand there in 1995. His fee for the upcoming breeding season will be $2,500. Breedings can be reserved by sending a signed contract along with the booking fee to Bob Perry Quarter Horses, Inc. Ann suggests doing this as soon as possible because the stallion's 1995 book will be limited.

"We had such an overwhelming response during our 1994 breeding season," she explains, "Chip's book had to be unexpectedly closed last spring on April 1st. It surprised not only us but also quite a few mare owners who hadn't made their bookings by the time it happened. Considering what Chip's offspring have continued to accomplish again this year, we expect an even heavier influx during the '95 breeding season. By announcing the limit well in advance, we hope to give everyone an equal chance."

"We do want to take this opportunity to thank all the breeders who have brought their mares to Chip", she continues. "It's very gratifying to us that so many of you have chosen to make our stallion a part of your breeding program. Know that you have our sincere appreciation."

Offspring by Zips Chocolate Chip are eligible for AQHA Incentive Fund, NSBA Incentive Program, Tom Powers Futurity, Solid Gold Futurity, Texas Quarter Horse Association Breeder Futurity, and Lone Star Quarter Horse Association Breeder Futurity.

Bob Perry Quarter Horses Inc. is located on FM Road 221 (Prairie Grove Road) just of I-35 between Denton and Gainesville, Texas. Visitors are always welcome. the ranch number is 940-668-8553. The Myers' number in Ashland, Ohio is 419-289-0980.

About the only thing we haven't brought you up to date on is Ann's tradition of handing out chocolate chip cookies, and quite a lot's been happening there, too. The tasty free snacks didn't vanish from the scene just because Zips Chocolate Chip is now staying at home in the breeding barn. "As a matter of fact, we've gotten really creative these days," says Ann. "We pass out a smaller version for the offspring, and sometimes we add milk chocolate or fudge or Hershey's Kisses to our regular recipe for a variety. We even bake a special cookie we call 'Rich N Chocolatey,' for our new hunt seat horse who, by the way has the same name."

Rich N Chocolatey is a 1991 stallion by Zips Chocolate Chip and out of a Thoroughbred mare. He's currently being shown in the hunter under saddle futurities by Jerry Erickson of Sanger, Texas. Future plans include a campaign in the multiple events of hunter under saddle, pleasure driving, hunter/jumper, western riding and trail.

All things considered, in the end we can only conclude that both Zips Chocolate Chip and his owners will no doubt continue to"stir up a variety of prize-winning recipes" . "As a matter of fact, the next time we hear from this dynamic trio, we wouldn't even be surprised to find them sporting "an entire cookbook of unbeatable creations." There's just no way to keep excellence from "rising to the top!"

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