Horse and Rider, February 2004

IT'S TRUE: ANN MYERS AND HER SON, RETT, ONCE DONNED CHOCOLATE-CHIP cookie outfits to distribute sweets at the American Quarter Horse Association's World Show. Their aim - to publicize the horse Ann bred and owns, AQHA World Champion and leading sire Zips Chocolate Chip ("Living Legends," August 2002) - was accomplished. Even better, mother and son had a lot of fun in the process - no small matter to Ann, who believes the horse business should be fun. In 2003, the outgoing horsewoman garnered the National Snaffle Bit Association's Jack Benson Award, honoring individuals who've had a positive impact on the horse industry. Her best advice? "Don't ever give up. Say to yourself, 'I think I can,' and one day you'll look back and say, 'I knew I could.' That's what I live by."

The word that best describes me is: Lucky.
In my friends, I most value: Honesty and integrity.
In my horses, I most value: Willing and happy dispositions.
My all-time favorite horse: Zips Chocolate Chip, AQHA world champion and leading sire of Quarter Horses for the last decade. He's a happy horse, beautiful, and a great mover - the whole package. That's so rare.
If I could have a ride on any horse from history, I'd choose: Black Beauty.
The tunes that play in my barn are: Either oldies from the '60s and '70s, or country Western.
My real-life hero is: My husband of 29 years, Phil Myers, because he's kind and caring, and always puts others before himself.
On a dream trail ride, I'd invite: Patti Colbert, development director of the American Quarter Horse Foundation (she's a blast); Bill Brewer, executive vice president of AQHA, because he's a down-to-earth horse lover; and the "Man from Snowy River."

My favorite horse event to watch: The Kentucky Derby. I never miss it.
The skill that's been toughest for me to master: Negotiating the complexities of computers and the Internet.
The biggest influence on my life has been: Learning the difference between luxuries and necessities. Traveling made me see that things we take for granted are luxuries in much of the world. I'm thankful for the life we have.
I most dislike: Dishonesty. Lying is totally unacceptable.
Nobody knows that I: Only eat chocolate-chip cookies when I'm starving.
My worst habit is: Taking forever to accomplish anything and everything. I'm so slow.
The funniest thing that's ever happened to me: I hand out my cookies at horse shows to everyone, whether I know them or not. One year at the Quarter Horse Congress, I saw a group of well-dressed people sitting on a bench, and gave each one a cookie. As I got to the last person on the bench, he said, "And I'm the ringmaster." Only then did I realize that I'd just given cookies to a panel of judges! Oops!
My favorite non-equine animal: Sheltie dogs, like my "Tequila." She's cute, completely devoted, and can do no wrong.
My favorite non-horse-related pastime: Snow skiing.
If I had a different job, I'd be: A graphic designer.
If I were a cartoon character, I'd be: The "Little Engine That Could." Like him, I'm forever saying, "I think I can, I think I can."
The talent I most wish I had: A facility with public speaking.
Behind my back, people say: I have no idea, and am afraid to ask.
I'm happiest when: It's a warm, sunny day, and I'm outside with the horses.
I'm proud: That a "small breeder" like me has bred and raised horses with five AQHA World Championships and 11 Reserves, including Zippo Ltd, currently AQHA's all-time leading open performance point-earning horse.
When I have a moment alone, I usually: Think.
My motto is: If you have passion to follow your dreams, there's no such word as "can't."
-Reported by Honi Roberts
-Horse and Rider, February 2004