What Fun!
Ann Myers, Cleve Wells, Mr. Stone, Rett MyersThis webmaster had the privilege of joining Ann Myers, Cleve Wells, Mr. Stone and Rett at the first public signing of the models of Zips Chocolate Chip in the Smith Brothers Store at the 1998 Quarter Horse Congress!

(& have I got a story to tell!)
Thanks to Ann 2 young 'Chip' lovers will recieve a Limited Edition Model Horse of Zips Chocolate Chip, just for entering the
Coloring Contest
When Ann offered to have us join her at the Bob Perry Quarter Horse stalls at the Congress, I thought it would be quite an opportunity, but I had NO idea!....

I knew Ann was a generous (by her dealings with me over the past year), but it wasn't until I followed her around for a day, did I realize what she was really like.

She can't walk 10 feet without knowing someone in the hall, and each time she stops to talk, she gets out cookies. So, (needless to say), it takes awhile to get from the barn to the arena! But I still had NO idea...

Once we made a run to Smith Brothers to check to see if the Model Horses had arrived yet -- they had. It was Thursday evening - Chip Day was Saturday - Life was Good.

Then Ann noticed, they had stocked the shelves with 100 of her reserved numbers and were selling them! As she turned over the display model she (politely) said, "Isn't this number 34 from my stock? (She reserved the first 200 numbers of the limited edition.) I wonder why it is here for sale?"

Then we proceeded to open EVERY box in the store to find the rest of her numbers, taking nearly 2 hours and you know what she said? "I better take you guys to dinner for helping out like this"
-- I was beginning to get the idea!!!

You see, Ann is probably the most gracious person I've ever met. She deals with every person on the fairgrounds kindly. She feeds total strangers cookies from morning til night and is patient with each inquiry.

When Saturday came around, she stood and signed models and pictures and ball caps for hours at a time! And though lines of people were waiting, she talked with every person as she carefully drew a chocolate chip by each signature.

She even sponsored young children as 'helpers for the day' (they passed out cookies, of course!) and looked at photo packets from Chip enthusiasts and those in wheelchairs.

Honestly, I've never seen anything like it - with Chips amazing success, she didn't HAVE to do any of it, but its a great idea! - Thanks Ann! We sure appreciate you! - Chris & Alan Leese

FOOT NOTE: Did you know Ann is holding her favorite, TALKING Cookie Monster while wearing Cookie Monster SLIPPERS in this picture?! - I TOLD YOU SHE WAS UNIQUE!!! ;-)

HAND NOTE: She showed up to the signing with her large cookie costume on (like Rett's) but the arm holes were WAY apart and she couldn't even work a pen! VERY FUNNY!

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