Leading SireZips Chocolate Chip
Leading Sire for the 3rd
consecutive year!
The complete set of statistics in this article by the Quarter Horse News - February 27, 1998
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3 years as Leading Sire, Zips Chocolate Chip

     Zips Chocolate Chip has not only filled the pleasure industry with pretty, good- minded and winning "Chips," but also owners and breeders' pockets as well, this time, with money! The 13-year-old stallion by Zippo Pine Bar and out of Fancy Blue Chip by Custus Jaguar, had 54 offspring earn $173,644.60 in 1997 prize money. That is $56,207.60 more than last year's total. He also is the leading sire of 2-, 3-year-olds and the second leading English sire.
     One Red Hot Zip is Chip's leading offspring, with earnings of $25,737.96. The 3-year-old sorrel gelding, owned by Misty Lane Hayre, Sheffield, Texas, is out of Tinkys Windy Star by Mighty Tink. The second winningest Chip offspring is Chipped In Chocolate, with earnings of $21,613.73. The 3-year-old brown stallion, out of Belle O Boston by Boston Mac, is owned by Richard Sokolwski, Ashland, Ohio, and was shown by Bret Parrish, Pavo, Ga.
     Chip's enthusiastic owner, Ann Myers, is usually seen "Chippin Around," as she calls it, at horse shows. "Chippin Around" includes handing out homemade cookies to owners of Chip's offspring and anyone else lucky enough to get ahold of one of her delicious cookies, at the major events.
     Myers raised Chip, as she owns his dam, Fancy Blue Chip.
     " To think about owning him is just overwhelming, " Myers said. "When I think about how famous he is, it just blows my mind. We have really been lucky."
     "It is a little like winning the lottery, to have everything fall into place like it has for Chip is very fortunate".
     Chip has stood at the Perry's since he was 3-years-old, in 1988
     "It really worked out to be such a great place for him to be, "Myers said. "it gave Chip a real boost in the beginning and this is another reason why he is the leading sire early in his life because of his fortunate beginnings". Myers said the late Zippo Pine Bar and Chip were very compatible.
      "Chip and Zippo were so cool," Myers said. "in fact, we would sometimes get to the point that they got too ho-hum about the photo sessions. We would, finally, have to get a mare in heat and walk her up and down to get them to put their ears up."
     Myers said they have even taken pictures with Zippo, Chip and Chip's dam, Fancy Blue Chip, all standing side-by-side.

Zips Chocolate Chip, Zippo Pine Bar, and Fancy Blue Chip

     "They are both really good-minded horses and I know that is why their offspring have been so successful," Myers said. "Ann Perry and I have talked a lot about that; not every offspring is going to be world champion quality, but if they are mentally good to be around, people can get a lot accomplished."
     Ann said it is funny because she has the best horses she has ever had in her life, and she hasn't ridden in ages.
     "I have the best horses that I ever had in my whole life and, now, I don't show anymore," she said.
     Zippos Mr. Goodbar is the second leading sire with 43 offspring earning $111,838.36. The 13 year-old red roan stallion is by Zippo Pine Bar and out of Tamara Wes. The Saul family recently sold their share to John Narmount. The stallion stands at Richland Ranch, Auburn, Ill.
     Ima Due Goodbar Too was Zippos Mr. Goodbar's leading money-earner, with $31,799.30 in prize money. A Good Luv, owned by the Strumpf family, was the second leading money-earner, winning $9,669.12.
     The legendary Zippo Pine Bar continues to remain at the top of the charts. The stallion by Zippo Pat Bars out of Dollie Pine, ranks third behind his two sons, with 41 offspring earning $85,960.64

Leading Sires
1. ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP 54 $3,216 $173,645
One Red Hot Zip, $25,738; Chipped In Chocolate, $21,614; Skips Special Barb, $19,988; Covered With Chips, $15,730; Promise Me Chocolate, $11,290; Ebg Fancy Chip, $10,157; Im A Solo Chip, $6,601; Chips Original Cooki $6,534 Zips Choco Chip 5,531; Chip Happens, $5,490; Hotroddin Zippo, $4,387; Gab Chip N Zip, $3753; Chocolua, $3,368; Same Ole Chip, $3,097; Chips Count Chocula, $2,969
2. ZIPPOS MR GOOD BAR 43 $2,601 $111,838
Ima Due Gooder Too, $31,799; A Good Lux $9,669; Goodbar's Best Yet, $9,164; Im UpTo No Good, $7,877; Watchit Im Good, $6,601; So Good Im Classic, $6,178; Ive Got The Goods, $4,958; Good N Tru, $4,479; Thats My Story Ra, $4,020; Mr. Good N Ready, $2,459; Miss Fancy Good Bar, $2,245; Good Time To Shine, $2,194; Too Good To Miss, $2,134; Justa Good Bar Kid, $1,452 ; The Due Gooder, $1,400
3. ZIPPO PINE BAR 41 $2,097 $85,961
Zippos Can Do, $14,728; Can't Stop Zipping, $8,857; Winnie Pine Bar, $8,498; Zip A Little More, $6,301; Slightly Zipped, (Pt), $5,571; Mr. Magnolia Zip, $5,283; Rosies Bonanza, $5,030; Zippos Dimension, $3,211; Pine Interest, $2,609; Zippos Sheik, $2,462; Oh What A Ride, $2,265; Two Timin Pine, $2043; Hot Line To Zippo, $1,915; Mr Notibily, $1,869; Ima Zippo Pine, $1,709

Leading 2-Year-Old Sires
1. ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP 16 $4,348 $69,567
Chipped In Chocolate, $21,614; Covered With Chips, $15,730; Ebg Fancy Chip, $10,157; Im A Solo Chip, $6,601; Gab Chip N Zip, $3,753; Time For Chocolate, $2,358; Chips Sweet Delight, $2,171; Zips Pine Chocolate, $1,938; Larrys Shady Zipper, 1,632; Zippos Rv, $1,379; Melted Chocolate, $584 Still Chipped, $524; Same Ole Chip A Hoy, $400; Quite A Cookie, $320; Smokin Chip, $284
2. ZIPPOS JACK BAR 2 $20,192 $40,383
Jacks Are Lucky Too, $33,464; Whatever Zips, $6,920
3. GOOD ASSET 3 $12,625 $37,875
Protect Your Assests, $30,836; Good N Ready Eddie, $6,991; Move Your Assest $49

Leading 3-Year-Old Sires
1. ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP 15 $5,170 $77,543
One Red Hot Zip, $25,738; Skips Special Barb, $19,988; Promise Me Chocolate, $11,290; Zips Choco Chip 5,531; Chip Happens, $5,490; Same Ole Chip, $3,097; Irrezippable, $1,251; Chippendale Charmer, $1,137; Chips Secret Recipe; $955; Zips Chocolate Cutie, $933; Chips Advantage, $779; Chips Private Stock, $690; Zips Rocky Road, (Pt), $313; Zips Stylish Invester, $132; Face It Im Good $86
2. ZIPPOS MR GOOD BAR 43 $2,601 $111,838
Ima Due Gooder Too, $31,799; A Good Lux $9,669; Watchit Im Good, $6,601; Ive got The Goods, $4,958; Thats My Story Ra, $4,020; Good Time To Shine, $2,194; Too Good To Miss, $2,134; Justa Good Bar Kid, $1,452; Miss Goody Dude Shoes, $1,136; Good Strategy, $662; Miss Good Zip, $551; Ms Goodie Dude Shoes, 416; Sizzlin Goodbar, $359; Zip Stylish Investor, $132; Face It Im Good, $86
3. ZIPPO PINE BAR 14 $3,151 $44,112
Zippos Can Do, $14,728; Winnie Pine Bar, $8,498; Zip A Little More, $6,301; Rosies Bonanza, $5,030; ; Pine Interest, $2,609; Two Timin Pine, $2,043; Leaguers Grand Slam, $1,462; Sheza A Zip Teez, $1,100; Be My Zippo, $892; Rockin To The Rythm $610; Talarosa Zippo, $541 She's Zippo Pine Too, $105; Ima Zippos Legacy, $100; Ok Lets Zippo, $93

Leading Sires - English Division
1. ARTFUL MOVE 14 $3,162 $44,273
Sweet Movin Artie, $19,622; Artist Proof, $11,354; Art I Sweet $4,126; Indian Artifacts, 2,668; Double Your Moves, 1,883; Can't Touch This Art, $1,060; Arts Par Fay, $898; Ive Got The Moves, $581; A Movement In Time, $569; Rainbowoverarthur, $451; Dances With Art, $400; Picassos Art, $308; Artfully Elegant, $212; Artsycraftsy, $140
2. ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP 8 $1,314 $10,513
Chocolua, $3,368; Chips Count Chocula, $2,969; Lots of Chocolate, $2,577; Chippariffic, $664; Chips A Sail, $387; Dazzeling Reality, $228; Chips R Us, $190; Thoroughly Chocolate, $130
3. DAKOTA TE 6 $1,529 $9,177
Saratoga Te, $7,354; My Te Graceful, $845; Noble Dynas Te, $368; Quarter Te Three, $327; Catchin For Te Winks, $240; Strictly Te Riffic, $43

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