The Adventures of 'Chip The Toy'
Click to Enlarge! Chip the Toy Photo/Adventure Contest Winners!
The Top Two winners TIED for first place so we had to flip a Cookie to determine a winner!

     Champion Quarter Horse Sire  1st Place: Trip to France by Elizabeth Gorski from Bowling Green, OH
Receives an Autographed Breyer Model of Zips Chocolate Chip, Chip's Trading Cards and Cookies!
     Champion Quarter Horse Sire  3rd Place: Montana Cattle Drive by Charlene Greene from Butte, MN
Recieves a Zips Chocolate Chip Ball Cap and Cookies!

Thank you so much for your participation! (Chip the Toy had a great time!)

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NOTE: Chip The Toy likes to buy souveniers. Bracelets fit him as necklaces
           & Christmas ornament hats fit his head.

  Champion Quarter Horse Sire  1st Place: Chip goes to Southern France!
Chip went to the South of France this summer to celebrate Bastille Day, follow the Tour De France, and soak up some sunshine.
Click here to read the rest of the story

  Champion Quarter Horse Sire  3rd Place: Off to Montana!
Chip the Toy had a great time on a cattle drive in Montana
Click here to read about his adventure!

Off to LA! Off to Sunny Los Angeles!
Chip the Toy had a great time in LA visiting the beach, going to Hollywood, and just seeing the sights. (That Taxi ride was a little crowded though!)
Click here to read about his adventure!

Off to Jamaica! Vacationing in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!
Chip the Toy enjoyed much relaxation and comfort during his stay in Jamaica. He made new friends and was able to take off to another beautiful destination!
Click here to look through his scrapbook!

Chip The Toy Returns From Kuwait
Fighting the War in Kwait isnt easy...
Chip the Toy rode along to Kuwait in a box full of Chocolate Chip Cookies to rally the troops at the 75th Exploitation Task Force Deployment in 2003. Clyde The Camel stayed in Kuwait continuing his mission with the troops. Click here to read all about Chip's involvement overseas!

Chip the Toy Ann's Story
When I was a little girl, I was given a stuffed horse named Cuddles. I hugged him and loved him so much that his eyes fell off! My Grandmother sewed button eyes on him to enable him to 'see' again. I cherished the companionship of that little horse. He was my inspiration. Today I am the owner of the famous stallion, Zips Chocolate Chip and I want to share my toy with you hoping he can make your dreams come true the way Cuddles did mine. Click Here to Read the story about Chip The Toy!

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